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Evaluating Impact

[Note from Magda about website draft: Add more resources (beyond CFICE resources) below.]

Reports & Best Practice Guides

Rigour in Methods and Evaluation of Community Engagement

Online Articles

What I’ve Learned So Far: An Initial Review of Scholarly Literature on Community Impact in CCE

Hart, A., Northmore, S., & Gerhardt, C. (2009). Auditing, benchmarking and evaluating public engagement. Briefing paper commissioned by The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement: Bristol.

Webinars & Videos

Evaluating Impact in Community-Campus Engagement

Academic Articles

Arkesteijn, M., van Mierlo, B., & Leeuwis, C. (2015). The need for reflexive evaluation approaches in development cooperation. Evaluation, 21(1), 99-115.

Gelmon, S.B. (2003). The Evaluation Perspective. Presented at the Symposium Community-University Partnerships: Translating Evidence into Action. April 26, 2003, San Diego, CA. Retrieved from

Greenhalgh, T., Jackson, C., Shaw, S., & Janamian, T. (2016). Achieving research impact through co-creation in community-based health services: Literature review and case study. The Milbank Quarterly, 94(2), 392-429.

Holland, B.A. (2001). A comprehensive model for assessing service-learning and community-university partnerships. New Directions for Higher Education, 114, 51-60.

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Pillard Reynolds, N. (2014). What counts as outcomes? Community perspectives of an engineering partnership. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 21(1), 79-90.

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